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Inconel 601


Inconel 601 Rod Price India : Approx Price: Rs 2,300 /Kilogram
Inconel 601 Price in US $10-50 / Kilogram ( FOB Price)

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Common Trade Names:
Inconel 601; Alloy 601; Nickel 601; Nickelvac 601; Ferrochronin 601


INCONEL alloy 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr. 2.4851) is a general-purpose engineering material for applications that require resistance to heat and corrosion. An outstanding characteristic of INCONEL alloy 601 is its resistance to high- temperature oxidation. The alloy also has good resistance to aqueous corrosion, has high mechanical strength, and is readily formed, machined and welded. The alloy's nickel base, in conjunction with substantial chromium content, provides resistance to many corrosive media and high- temperature environments. Oxidation resistance is further enhanced by the aluminum content.

The properties of INCONEL alloy 601 make it a material of broad utility in such fields as thermal processing, chemical processing, pollution control, aerospace, and power generation.


Available Product Forms: 
Pipe, tube, sheet, strip, plate, round bar, flat bar, forging stock, hexagon and wire.



Standard Inconel601
Werkstoff Nr.


Chemical Composition

  Inconel 601
Ni 58.0 – 63.0
Fe Balance
Cr 21.0 – 25.0
Al 1.0 – 1.7
C 0.10 max
Mn 1.0 max
S 0.015 max
Si 0.5 max
Cu 1.0 max


Mechanical Properties

Density 8.1 g/cm3
Melting Point 1411 °C (2571 °F)
Tensile Strength Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 205
Elongation 30 %


Specification for for Inconel Alloy 601 include the following:

INCONEL alloy 601 is designated as UNS N06601 and Werkstoff Number 2.4851. 

Rod, Bar, Wire, and Forging Stock: ASTM B 166; ASME SB 166 (Rod, Bar, and Wire), DIN 17752 (Bar), DIN 17753 (Wire), DIN 17754 (Forgings), EN10095 (Plate, Sheet, Strip, Bars, Rods and Sections), ISO 9723 (Bar), ISO 9724 (Wire), ISO 9725 (Forgings)

Plate, Sheet, and Strip:  - ASTM B 168; ASME SB 168; (Plate, Sheet, and Strip), DIN 17750 (Strip and Sheet), EN10095 (Plate, Sheet, Strip, Bars, Rods and Sections), ISO 6208 (Plate, Sheet, and Strip)

Pipe and Tube: - ASTM B 167; ASME SB 167 (Seamless Pipe and Tube), ASTM B 751; ASME SB 751 (Seamless and Welded Tube), ASTM B 775; ASME SB 775 (Seamless and Welded Pipe), ASTM B 829; ASME SB 829 (Seamless Pipe and Tube), DIN 17751 (Tube), ISO 6207 (Tubing).
Others: - ASME Code Case 1500, DIN 17742, ISO NW6601


Inconel® 601 sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from .010 to .120". Inconel® 601 strip in coil from is available in lighter gauges up 24" wide. Inconel® 601 plate is available up 2" thick.
Inconel® 601 bar is available in wrought bar up to 3" diameter and larger sizes and shapes may be forged to order.
Inconel® 601 seamless pipe is available up to 4" NB. Larger sizes are available in welded construction (100% X-ray) and can also be fabricated to order. Inconel® 601 tubing is not commonly available, but can be produced to order.

Inconel Sheet, Inconel Plate

Inconel 600: AMS 5540, ASTM-B-168, UNS N06600 (Cut To Size Price)

Inconel Alloys | 600, 601, 617, 625, 718, 722, 750, 800, 825 | Sheet, Plate, Bar

Inconel/Incoloy and Monel are Registered Trademarks of Special Metals Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Inconel Data Sheets

Inconel 600 Data Sheet, Inconel 601 Data Sheet, Inconel 617 Data Sheet, Inconel 625 Data Sheet, Inconel 718 Data Sheet, Inconel 750 Data Sheet,
Inconel 800 Data Sheet, Inconel 825 Data Sheet

Anand Metals (India) is a leading supplier of quality Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 617, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Inconel 722, Inconel 750, Inconel 800 and Inconel 825 in Sheet, Plate, Bar.

About Inconel/Nickel Alloys

Inconel alloys are oxidation and corrosion resistant materials well suited for service in extreme environments. When heated, Inconel forms a thick, stable, passivating oxide layer protecting the surface from further attack. Inconel retains strength over a wide temperature range, attractive for high temperature applications where aluminum and steel would succumb to creep as a result of thermally-induced crystal vacancies. Inconel's high temperature strength is developed by solid solution strengthening or precipitation strengthening, depending on the alloy.

About Nickel and Super Alloys

A superalloy, or high-performance alloy, is an alloy that exhibits excellent mechanical strength and creep resistance at high temperatures, good surface stability, and corrosion and oxidation resistance. Inconel is an example of a superalloy. A superalloy's base alloying element is usually nickel. Nickel alloys are alloys with nickel as principal element. Nickel-based superalloys have been developed for very high temperature applications where relatively high stresses are encountered and where high surface stability is frequently required.

Inconel & Inconel Alloys: Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 617, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Inconel 722, Inconel 750, Inconel 800, Inconel 825

Incoloy Alloys

Incoloy alloys, including Incoloy 800 and Incoloy 825, are highly sought after due to their ability to resist both oxidization and carbonization in high-temperature settings. The majority of Incoloy alloys make additions to a nickel-iron-chromium base. These additions allow the alloy to adapt to the needs of a variety of industries and enable leading metal companies to offer a range of Incoloy shapes and designs.

Inconel 600: Solid solution strengthened
Inconel 601: Good oxidation resistance at high temperatures and resistance to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking, corrosion by high-purity water, and caustic corrosion.
Inconel 617: An exceptional combination of metallurgical stability, strength, and oxidation resistance at high temperatures.
Inconel 625: Acid resistant, good weldability
Inconel 718: Gamma double prime strengthened with good weldability
Inconel 722: Age-hardenable by heat treatment
Inconel 725: A nickel-chromium-molybdenum-niobium alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and is age hardenable for extremely high strength.
Inconel 750: Precipitation-hardenable, corrosion and oxidation resistance, high strength at high temperatures.
AL-6XN: Low carbon, high purity, nitrogen-bearing "super-austenitic" stainless alloy. The alloy was designed to be a seawater resistant material and has since been demonstrated to be resistant to a broad range of very corrosive environments.
Inconel 800, Incoloy 800: Has excellent tensile strength and resistance to oxidation as well as carburzation properties.
Inconel 825, Incoloy 825: Great resistance to many corrosive environments, such as pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, and stress- corrosion cracking.
Inconel 925: A precipitation-hardenable nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum and copper.
Inconel 945: An age hardenable nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum, copper, niobium, titanium and aluminum.

We supply a variety of Inconel sheets, Inconel plates, Inconel bars and Inconel round bars, Inconel tubing and Inconel pipes in various sizes. They include Inconel 600 Round Bar, Inconel 625 Round Bar, Incoloy 800 Round Bar, among others. Inconel material is also referred to as nickel alloy plate, sheets, bars, round, tubing and pipes. We are a certified distributor of high temperature pipes & high temperature alloy pipes, high temperature alloy plates, high temperature alloy sheets, and high temperature alloy tubing. They have superior mechanical properties along with good workability and high strength. These products are offered in various specifications.

Inconel Sheet, Inconel Plate
Inconel 600: AMS 5540, ASTM-B-168, UNS N06600 (Cut To Size Price)
Inconel 601: AMS 5870, ASTM-B-168, UNS N06601
Inconel 617: AMS 5889, ASTM-B-168, UNS N06617
Inconel 625: AMS 5599, ASTM-B-443, UNS N06625, UNS N06626 (Cut To Size Price)
Inconel 718: AMS 5596, B5T0TF14, UNS N07718 (Cut To Size Price)
Inconel 722: AMS 5541, AMS 5714, UNS N07722
Inconel 750: AMS 5542, AMS 5598, AMS 5667, AMS 5668, AMS 5669, AMS 5670, AMS 5671, AMS 5582, AMS 5583, AMS 5698, AMS 5699, AMS 5671, AMS 5747, ASTM-B-637, UNS N07750
Inconel 800, Incoloy 800: AMS 5871, UNS N08800

Inconel Sheet, Inconel Plate Stock Size: Thickness: 0.010"~4.00", Standard Width & Length: 36" X 120" or 48" X 144", Cut to size available

Inconel Tubing

Inconel 600: AMS 5580, ASTM-B-163, B-167, MIL-T-7840
Inconel 625: ASTM-B-444
Inconel 718: AMS 5589, AMS 5590
Inconel 800, Incoloy 800: ASTM-B-163, ASTM-B-407, ASTM-B-514
Inconel 825, Incoloy 825: ASTM-B-163, ASTM-B-423, UNS N08825
Inconel Tubing Stock Size: OD 1/16"~4", Wall: 0.010"~0.250", Length: 17'/24' FT R/L
Inconel Tubing Specifications: ASTM-B-163, ASME SB163, ASTM-B-165, ASME SB165, ASTM-B-167, ASME SB167, ASTM-B-444, ASME SB444

Inconel Pipe

Inconel 600: ASTM-B-167
Inconel 601: ASTM-B-167, Commercial Specification, Sch 160
Inconel 625: ASTM-B-444
Inconel 718: ASTM-A-312
Inconel 800, Incoloy 800: ASTM-B-514
Inconel Pipe Stock Size: 1/4" sch 10 to 16" sch 80
Inconel Pipe Specifications: ASTM-B-163, ASME SB 163, ASTM-B-165, ASME SB165, ASTM-B-167, ASME SB167, ASTM-B-444, ASME SB444

Specifications: UNS N08367
ASME SB-688, ASME SA-240, ASME SB-675, ASME SA-312, ASME SB-676, ASME SA-249, ASME SB-691, ASME SA-479, ASME SB-462, ASME SA-182, ASME SB-564, ASME SB-366
ASTM B688, ASTM A240, ASTM B675, ASTM A312, ASTM B676, ASTM A249, ASTM B804, ASTM B691, ASTM A479, ASTM B462, ASTM A182, ASTM B564, ASTM B366, ASTM B472
NACE MR-0175

Inconel Bar and Inconel Round Bar

Inconel 600: AMS 5665, ASTM-B-166, MIL-N-6710
Inconel 601: Commercial Specification
Inconel 617: Commercial Specification
Inconel 625: AMS 5666, ASTM-B-446
Inconel 718: AMS 5662, AMS 5663, AMS 5664, ASTM-B-637
Inconel 800, Incoloy 800: AMS 5766, ASTM-B-408, ASME-B-408
Inconel 825: ASTM-B-425
Inconel Bar Stock Size: 3/16" Diameter to 8" Diameter

Inconel Rod

Inconel 600 Rod, Inconel 601 Rod, Inconel 625 Rod and Inconel 800 Rod

Inconel rods are known for their excellent mechanical properties and resistance to oxidation. Their applications include: furnace muffles, electronic components, heat treating equipment, steam generator tubing, and heat exchangers.

Grades: UNS 8800 (Inconel 800), UNS 6600 (Inconel 600), UNS 6601 (Inconel 601), UNS 6625 (Inconel 625)

Inconel Forging

Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel 800, Inconel 825: ASTM-B-564

High Temperature Alloy Strips

Types of high temperature alloy strips include Invar 36, Kovar, Hastelloy x-750, C 276, X, W, S, N grade, Waspaloy, maraging 300, 4750, nickel 200, 400, 405 & K-500 grades & Rene 41 strips. Haynes 188, N-155, MP35N, alloy 31, alloy 188, HY MU-80, M-36, 5 & 6 grade, A286, Greek Ascoloy & AISI 670 strips are also available.

As your Inconel sheet, plate, pipe, bar, round bar, rod, tubing supplier, we are capable of fulfilling your required sizes. Anand Metals (India) also has a stocking program to support long term contract for your Inconel needs.

Redrawn tubes and tubing with tight tolerances can be supplied in almost any size no matter how small the size or quantity.

Welding Products - INCONEL Filler Metal 601 - AWS A5.14/ERNiCrFe-11

Trademark Notice: Some names are trade names and/or trademarks of specific manufacturers. American Special Metals, Corp. is not affiliated with any manufacturer(s). Orders will be filled to meet specifications from any available source(s). Names are listed solely for reference to help identify products consistent with listed specifications.

Inconel 601 is a Registered Trademarks of Special Metals Corporation and Its subsidiaries.


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